Happy Easter~


Happy Easter Sunday everyone!

I don’t have any major plans for the long weekend. Already spent a day out with my friends. We played some Smash Bros and watched a play through of Oregan trail. It looked super fun.


Have you been eating meat? Well, you’re not suppose to! Unless you don’t follow that tradition. I bought a cheese pizza yesterday. I got chipotle dip with it, but I forgot to use it. Tehe~


I’m going to be finishing up To Love-ru tonight. Aye’m writing this while watching episode 12 of Motto To Love-ru. I really enjoyed some of the episodes, but sometimes the ideas and actions just seem stupid. Regardless, tomorrow I’ll be finishing up this seasons anime and if Aye’m in a mood for it, Ladies vs Butler. Cause thats how I celebrate Jesus’ death and resurrection. With softcore porn.


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  1. Post moar stuff, dude

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