Things I see while watching anime: Volume 2: March 23 2013


Volume one came out yesterday, so lets release volume two! Cause why the fuck not!


Tried the first episode of Accel World today. I forgot who recommended it to me. I think it was Nubi. Its not terrible, but I dont really feel the need or desire to watch any of it past episode 2.


The second season of Boku wa Tomoachi ga Sukunai has been top tier. The first season was decent. Maybe a tad generic tho. However, this season its really hit it out of the park. Episode 12 airs next week.


Ore no Kanojo long ass fucking name (to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru) has definitely been one of my favorites this season. I like the stylisation (is this a word?) they chose. Every episode makes me want to watch the next one; something thats been lacking in anime these past few months.


Saint Young Men was pretty funny. I dont really know anything about Buddha tho, but I was still able to enjoy it. I look forward to more of their wacky adventures in Japan.


Suzuhou is best girl. Also I fucking love Macademi Wasshoi! Its my favorite animu. I watched it 3 times this anime season due to being in an anime mood and not having anything else I wanted to watch. If they ever released blu-rays I would buy them. Hands down.


Macademi Wasshoi mabe my favorite anime, but if we talk about anime that defined us; then there is only ONE choice for me! Tune in next blog post to hear about it!


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