Happy Birthday to ME~! Also Steelgolem should unignore me that douchebag


Happy Birthday to me~

Happy Birthday to me~

Happy Birthday sweet Icy~

Happy Birthday to me~

Well its that time of year again, where I post a bunch of links and stuff cause its my birthday~! I love my Birthday. I don’t do anything perticularly special for it other then sit back and try to enjoy the day. Its Cloudy and Raining today. Which is my favorite kind of weather.

My plans for today are to go shopping with my mother for clothes (I do need clothes, but I dont want to go with her…) and to sit at home and play either Saints Row the Third (A gift from my best friend), Civilization V Gods and Kings (Something I got myself. Having trouble with some mods, mainly my tech tree disappearing, and no being able to all the Civs in simple pick. I can still see em all under Advanced, so its not a huge problem.), League of Legends (cause Lue I guess.), Team Fortress 2 (Should check in with some old friends.), Half Minute Hero: Super Mega Neo Climax Ultimate Boy (A gift from the wonderful Keirnoth <3), or/and Just Cause 2 (Just Cause.).

Heres one of my favorite Cirno themes. I also like the video that accompanied it, but I thought I would just post the song cause, higher quality, and shit.

Heres another one of my favorite ‘touhou’-related videos. People say the BGM matches me, but aye’m not that goofy, right? RIGHT?

Last Video. Did not think of what to actually post when I decided to do this. I hope Nubi isn’t disappointed in me…

Oh and remember something guys, I was someone else before I came Cirno personification.


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