Nichijougasm 2

Sorry, I havent posted in a long time. I blame life (video games and anime) from keeping me from posting videos. Regardless I’m doing fine, so its not like you have to worry about my well being.

Still can’t find any really interesting videos on Nico Nico Douga (thats a lie, I have a bunch but I just haven’t felt like posting!) yet. So enjoy some more Nichijou videos of the 2nd Opening theme. I enjoy this song a lot more. Anyways lets start things off.

How do I shot web?

How about some One Piece? This theme song really does work with everything.

And because I’m basically obligated too by the professional otaku’s guild, heres a Madoka one. I really did not like Madoka…

And for a vastly much more interesting anime that is of course 100x more original then Madoka.

Even real people? What won’t they combine the Nichijou OP with!?

As always the Commando ones are the best. I wonder if I can find Commando on Blu-ray…

And thats all I feel like doing now. Check back some other time when I can come up with a snazzy ender to my blog post.


2 Responses

  1. You didn’t like madoka WHAT KINDA OTAKU ARE YOU. anywhore, I’m still watching the 5th episode due to being bored of the random memes of otherwise in nichijou ill get through it some time.

    • Its just not very interesting to me. Also I havent even watched a single episode of Nichijou yet :P

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