Happy Valentines Day <3

You’re never alone on Icycomplexstyle! Enjoy these Valentines day related items that WILL make you feel lonely!

Chocolates? Why would I give you something like that? More importantly, gimmie donations ♪”

Theres no way my Hellcrow can be this adorable <3

Is that so <3

I always think of CS when I see Sakuya. Of course I love her more like a sister. BUT ITS STILL NICE TO GET CHOCOLATES FROM FAMILY!

I wish I could meet a girl in a secluded dark place and not be treated as a criminal.

The adorableness~

The sexiness~

Winter is truly the best!

Oh god two of them. Can’t take it anymore!! AAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh~

It’s not the same unless she wants to kill me. I will gladly except either way though.

Maybe I went overboard with the Touhou Valentines Day images…

…Granted this was they’re only real competition. And now I’m hungry :3


This is such a fucked up song lol

This is hilarious to people that know the actual song. No, really!

This video is a nice way to represent how lonely you all are today. Too bad windows doesn’t sound like this. Oh wait… It does…

Well in retrospective my PC sounds more like this.

Take it easy everyone!! I hope you all have a very lonely Valentines Day. If you don’t I hope you burn in hell <3

And this, our one true Valentines Day related video (somewhat) that actually fits the mood! Now get off my blog and go meet a nice Girl or Guy.

Okay, I lied. But I didn’t remember this one existed until AFTER I hit post. So enjoy it now!

I rab u


3 Responses

  1. kuroko and mario rpg was lulz

    wow i haven’t heard that yukkuri shitte ne song in a long time, still like the pv :3

    also grabbed the sakuya and cirno pics ^_^


  2. This doesn’t make me lonely

  3. I was about as lonely as you had a happy end that day.

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