Happy New Year Maggots!

Master Spark~

Anyways, Ichiro made me write this. I’m hungry. I’ll probably spend half the day playing Metal Gear Online getting points to buy some more gear. Then spend the later half of the day playing League of Legends. Maybe I’ll make some cheese cake to help celebrate the new year. I’ve got some canned strawberry sauce or something so that will save me some time. Anyways I’m really hungry right now but I have to drive my mom to work. I hope you all burn in hell you weeaboos.

‘Foam Pillow’ – ’60 Seconds later’ – ‘You are already dead <3'

Now for you obligatory video spams. This one is best viewed from Nico Nico, with repeat.

Aniki Show. I wish this was real and on TV as I would watch it whenever it was on. Kinda like Friends. Seriously how can you not enjoy Aniki!?


Pictured Above: Me.

Anyways thats all for now. Happy New Years everyone. Play hard, Eat lots, get Drunk. Whatever floats your boat. I’ll be sneaking into your bed regardless.


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  2. I want to call that last thing as “Nyoro~n Bomb”

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