Ichiro-Style is back up!

So after a long long long down time, Ichiro-Ino is working on blog again. But will his blog be as awesome as mine? Probably not. I’m hungry. If you’re wondering about the relavence of the above picture its done by a artist who goes by the name ichiro. I found it on danbooru (just like I do with all my other images :3). Now to celebrate Ichiro-style going back online enjoy some Banana Phone.

If you’re wondering about the relevance the video has to Ichiro-style…. Well its not related to anything but I just wanted to post it again cause I really like the song. WHICH I CAN DO. SINCE THIS IS A BLOG News site. Also its a song with appeal.


4 Responses

  1. Hey thanks!

    Oh yeah, let’s add each other on the blogroll

  2. Ichiro_Ino who that?


    • Yes, whozzat?

      • You guys all need to learn the history of Icy-nee-san’s rise to power on SankakuComplex to now :P

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