Dangerous squid girl and the Sand Canyon

One of the great things about when a anime airs now a days is that within minutes it will be transformed into something its not suppose to be. See example below.

The problem from videos is like this is that most of the creative genius is used up within the first episode. Take Amagami SS for example. It’s very unlikely we will see anything as ‘fascinating’ as Miya’s Can Can every again. Luckily enough we can always count on other animes to amuse us with its fan created content.

However dude to many people being increasingly stupid on the English internet, many people don’t get to enjoy such wonderful videos. Thats why it is the duty of blogs such as these, and people who copy videos from Nico Nico Douga and reupload them to Youtube, to educate the rest of the English speaking world. Please continue to support us in our endeavor to make you less stupid.

My name's Ikamusume, geso. If you could feed me lots of food, that'd be great.

Yes thank god for Fandom.


5 Responses

  1. hahah good finds!
    man they sure were quick to get those up on nico.

    are you sure miya’s can can was made from anime soundclips? i figured it was from game clips – there seemed to be too many for it to have been taken from the anime when i first saw the can can

    • I assumed it was from the anime.

  2. The hype for this will soon be purged.
    Since Index Season 2 is out.

    • But isn’t Ika Musume in that show too?

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    Dangerous squid girl and the Sand Canyon | Icy Complex Style

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