Updates and Ear Infections!

I have a Ear Infection. I have trouble focusing on things when I get a Ear Infection. I also snap at people really easily. STEELGOLEM SHUT THE FUCK UP. Also the Fall 2010 anime season started yesterday. However the only thing I know that aired yesterday was the Ironman anime. Today however, ‘MM’ will be airing. My original plan was to watch all of the animes that are airing this season and write small reviews for them, so that there would actually be content here. Due to my ear infection though this might be delayed for a few days. My apologies YOU FUCK MAGGOTS. It is now 10 o’clock AM. Which means the stores are open, and hopefully the pharmacy.



3 Responses

  1. :<

  2. What was that about not posting for a month? Stupid liar.

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