Why I won’t post for another month or something

About a month ago I remembered about Vindictus, or Mabinogi Heroes as it is known in Korean. Some guy was complaining about how they banned South Americans (Brazilians) from the game. I made a slight joke at his expense that I should go play it since he cant. Only you need a beta key to join. I sighed as I realized my plan back fired. However, a few minutes later the Brazilian guy messaged me, and gave me his beta key. What a nice guy! And hes Brazilian too! Most of the time they just ask for money and buffs.

I then forgot about it.

Fast-forward to last night. I’m at my friends house. We’re eating Chicken strips with Mayo, Ketchup and Mustard (which is my favorite). There were also French Fries, but no one really ate them. One of my friends began asking me questions about a game called Vindictus. For a few seconds I pondered on what game that could be, as I tend to hear about a lot of games but don’t always remember what they were. After a minute or so, he mentioned the game by its other name. Mabinogi Heroes.

‘Oooh!’ I went. ‘Yeah I received a beta key for that but I never bothered to use it, Ha-ha!’ I laughed.

‘Really? Really? Can I have it’ he said with a big smile. I didn’t have any interest in it anymore, seeing as I was using my other friends DS to trade Pokemon and get him a Chimchar.

‘Sure. I’m not interested in it anyways. Thought it might not work anymore since I got it a month ago.’

So after I got home last night. I proceeded to take a shower. On my return to my computer I had found that my friend had messaged me asking for the beta key. One quick trip to my favorite video game site later and I had returned with the beta key. I copy and pasted it to him. After that however I retired for the evening.

Waking up the next morning (today), I had found that the beta key had worked for him. He also had received 2 guest beta keys for his use! As a thank you he gave me one, and is planning to give the other to our other friend. Maybe we will all play the beta together. It’s nice to play video games with friends. However playing video games takes time, so thats why I won’t be able to post anything for awhile. That and I finally was able to trade my Riolu from my Heartgold to my copy of Platinum for a new game adventure.



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  1. at least tell us a bit about it as you play – interesting screencaps, etc. i’m playing ffxiv on a shitbox so i doubt i’ll be able to do the same. see you in a month!

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