Why I’ve been away for awhile.

Well if your a regular (eg. Steelgolem) visitor to this blog, then you’d realize that I haven’t posted for like a week after how I made a post about how I hadn’t posted for about a week. So I thought that could need some explaining. That and I haven’t found anything else to post about.

On with the explanation!

For a while, my parents have been wanting to replace all the carpet on the first floor with hardwood floors. About 2 years ago they did the family room (The room with the TV and Couches). And a few days ago they finally found someone to do this room. So on Friday night, I was required to take out all my gear. Computers, Manga, Tables, and Television, etc etc. There was still one present issue however. The Ancient Piano.

So after much ‘effort’ we decided to give it to the neighbor’s for free. They have a daughter. She is cute. They also have a son whos about 3 or 4. One day my parents made the mistake of giving him a Popsicle, and now he won’t stop coming back to our house for Popsicles.

Anyways around 5pm (My time) on Saturday they brought a few friends and they rolled out the Piano. The guys putting the Hardwood floors in came Sunday. It took a few hours to take out the old carpet and put in the new floors. I spent the entire time playing on my PS3 upstairs (White Knight Chronicles). After they had put the hardwood floors in my father made the very grive mistake of letting them take away my chair…

MY CHAIR. The one I’ve spent 4 years molding to perfectly fit my body when sitting or masturbating. I then forced them to buy me a new chair. Originally I wanted my old one, but they wouldn’t tell me where the guy worked, so I had no choice but to fold. Skip ahead 2 days and we bought a new chair from ‘Staples’. It was 50% off from $300 CDN. It’s a pretty nice leather, but it’s too soft. It just doesn’t fit as well as my old one.

Anyways during the 2 day waiting peroid for my new chair, I slowly placed things back in my room. This time around I moved my computer to the slightly newer desk/table that is actually built for a computer. However my parents won’t let me have my old desk and bookshelves that I lived at for so many years. And instead of being able to put my manga there, they’ve put my fathers really old, really smelly, dusty tomes (Encyclopedias) there. Now my manga are homeless, as I must search for a new bookshelf for my birthday.

The sad thing is that I was planning on getting a new video card for my PC, so I could rejoin my fellow PC gamers. The one I currently have is a nVidia Geforce 9400. When my old one melted (nVidia Geforce 8600) I had no idea how the naming of video cards worked. I figured 9400 > 8600. How fucking wrong I was. This new video card has trouble running modern games (Like Assassin’s Creed 2) at even the lowest resolution. The box clearly states that it can run games up to 1920×1200 perfectly. Oh well, guess I’ll have to find a job somewhere and save up.


6 Responses

  1. bear my children icy-sama <3

  2. Like I care why you don’t post on your own blog. It’s not like you post anything interesting!

    • You still care enough to write this reply haha …

      HOWEVER… go hit on the daughter (if she’s a loli).
      If Not: Still do it.

  3. way to fuck up poor icy’s VERY WAY OF LIFE, ooya-san-tachi. if it makes you feel any better, i also don’t have any shelfspace for my manga – they’re in a box on the floor in the corner.

    when’s your birthday?

    • October 12th. Same day when Medal of Honor (one my of my favorite FPS series) gets it reboot.

  4. aww how you ignore me <33 it turns me so on <3
    icy-sama <3

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