Happy Cirno Day!

Well it’s the 9th day of the 9th month of the 10ths year of the 21st century. So I guess it’s not the strongest day, but it is 9/9! That means its Cirno day! And do you know what that means? Neither do I, so let me just spam a bunch of pictures of Cirno and maybe a few videos.

Ah Cirno~ Your the strongest <3~

This is apparently Armored Core. I can’t tell the difference.


I guess you could say this is… Cold Fusion.

When I’m 19, I’m going to apply for a credit card. This is the kind of credit card I want.

And now it’s time for the perfect math class. Also I’m running out of time.

And now I’m bored, so heres our last video. I hope you enjoy Cirno Day and all the stupidy that I’m sure you are sure to have~


One Response

  1. So then the Dreamcast was Cirno incarnated into console form? 9/9/99

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