Based on the video game, ‘Kung-Fu Master’, considered by many the first beat-em up. Heres the entire series plus its omake. It’s all very enjoyable. Can you spot all the inside jokes and memes?

I don’t get the the joke, but I chuckled.

Heres the 2nd video in the series. If you didn’t know, ‘Silivia’ is the main character’s (in Kung-fu master) girl friend. The whole reason he enters the side scrolling 5 story death trap is to rescue her. Ah such beautiful story telling on the NES.


And the final conclusion to a semi-lol series. Our ending however is most likely the best out of the three. Also at 0:40, is that a Fire Emblem reference? If yes, then this is probably my favorite video ever. So, have you written down all the references/inside jokes/memes?

All of the images in this post have NOTHING to do with ANY of the videos.

And lastly here is our final video for today(‘s post). A Omake of sorts for the series. Just as enjoyable as the rest. Also. FUCKING STAIRS.



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  1. sweet i didn’t know there were the rest of these! i saw the first one a couple of years ago and didn’t think to go looking for more. great post!

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