Amagami SS – 08 – Kanou arc

My feelings on Amagami SS – 08 and it’s final episode for the 2nd arc. Most likely spoilers will be ahead.


Yeah its cute, and Kaoru is sexy and everything, but seriously, I wanted a glimpse into their future like at the end of Amagami SS – 04. I found that to be the most enjoyable part of that episode, why couldn’t they do that for this arc’s final episode? Bleh, well I must be alone with my thoughts on Amagami. Just like how I enjoyed the last arc’s ending theme more then this arc’s ending them which everyone seemed to went BAT SHIT CRAZY FOR when it was released on the ‘net.

Do you see what I see? Yes thats… NO ITS NOT KEANU REEVES! It’s Yuuichi Aizawa you idiot! Now go watch Kanon before I chop off your dick!

There is a lack of good penis removing pictures on danbooru, so enjoy this one I found.


One Response

  1. I too wished for an epilouge scene, but don’t feel it took away from the awesomeness of sex hair.
    I just wonder what they will do for the last two episodes (please be Miya end).

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