Back from Anime Evolution

Saw Little Kuriboh, Team four star, the chick that made Salior Moon abridged, and the guys from loading ready run. Was to shy to make any real conversation with them. Also bought Manga (Excel Saga volumes 02, 03, 13, 14, 16, 17(x2), 18, and 19, and Code Geass Nightmare of Nunnally volume 3), a Shakugan no Shana Mousepad, and some other free stuff when I picked up my badge.

Pictures now. Enjoy the crappy cellphone quality.

There is the manga, in all its glory. Yes, I know I bought Excel Saga 17 twice.

Free Comic book that I got with my badge. Haven’t read it. I’ll probably leave it in my car in the back seat encase anyone ever wants to read it.

The first side of a CLAMP poster I got, and yes I know theres a fold in it. They were givin’ out that way. Yeah, it made me cry a bit too.

The second side of a CLAMP poster I got, and yes I know theres a fold in it. And yeah, I don’t know what side to use on my wall either.

It’s Shana… On Melon-pan… If you have some sort of problem with this then, GET THE FUCK OFF MY BLOG.

And thats all the stuff I got excluding all the bus tickets, food, and drink. Didn’t care much for the video games. Me and my friends we’re bit a disappointed when we found out the TF2 tournament was moved to earlier in the morning and we had missed out, but meh. Coulda bought a Gundam model to build since they we’re going pretty cheap, (Cheap to me anyways) around $15 (for the 1/144ths) to $40 (for the 1/100ths). There was one of those huge ass master grade models (Gundam Exia and a few others) but they we’re in the $300+ area.

There we’re plushies ($30, didn’t wanna buy any), Yaoi/Yuri stuff (None of it really interested me) Plenty of Doujinshi (H, non-H, gags, etc), Japanese imported manga and magazines (All bitching expensive at $30 or more), some ninja stuff and swords. They we’re also selling wooden replicas (I think) of some famous giant sword people like Cloud (FF7), Leon (FF8), a ton of bleach characters, and one really big one that was black on the outside, white on the inside, and a black cross on the upper top half.

They also had DVDs and Blu-ray anime there. I wanted to pick up the Eureka Seven movie, but it was $60. Some notable titles we’re at the stall like Strike Witches, Clannad, Kanon, Pokemon, Dragonball Zs, etc etc. All in box sets as well.

They also had discount used video games at fairly good prices. Tons of N64, SNES, and NES classics like Zelda OoT, MM, Super Mario World, Dr.Mario, and Tetris. They also had Kirby and the Crystal shards for the N64, which was one of my favourite N64 games ever. I didn’t buy anything though because I had already played most of these games, and I wanted something new and graphically enhanced for my PS3. Nothing there though that I couldn’t get at EB games for about the same price.

Taking public bus from the skytrain station to the University (University of British Columbia that is) and back, was a bitch. Way to many people, and way to hot. But after we got on the train it was smooth sailing. Until we all decided to go to a friends house for Pizza and Scott Pilgrim. Then I had to rush home, get my PS3, drive to pick up my friend (Who I happen to live the farthest away from) and then drive back to our other friends house. Scott Pilgrim didn’t work out so great as I had made Kim some sort of godly machine of death that punched and slapped everyone and everything in front of it.

Couldn’t find any footage of the con on youtube, so heres a promo.

[23:20] <Melting-nee-san> I went to the con today
[23:21] <Melting-nee-san> got to see little kuriboh
[23:21] <Melting-nee-san> and team four star
[23:21] <Melting-nee-san> plus the chick that did the Salior moon abridged
[23:21] <dugald> oh man
[23:21] <dugald> for once in my life i am jealous of you icy
[23:21] <Melting-nee-san> nishishishi

I believe I win


6 Responses

  1. I waited hours for you at our meeting spot. Bastard.

    • Who are you?

      • I am the ******** ***** that exists inside Icy-nee-san’s mind.

  2. nice gets, icy!

  3. So why did you buy Excel Saga 17 twice?
    And nope, no problem with Shana on melon pan. Except that you have her.

    • It was hot, I was tired, and I hadn’t ate or drank anything for the entire day, so I just grabbed the ones I saw at first, and didn’t bother to check them until I was on the bus home.

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