Icy’s Touhoumon Journey in Gensōkyō I

Let’s play Danmaku!

Not this shit again *facepalm*

No one seems to give a crap about my writing, so I’m going light on text, heavy on images in this one.

I wanna know what courses in University I have to take to study little girls for a living.

Urge to read Super Effective, rising…

Wait, I’m not the main character? Whos writing this crap?

Oh, right.

Do you really have candy in your home mister?

But what does that have to do with your penis mister?

To much armpit.

I pick you all the time.

Why not. Now, what shall I call you?

Heh, my own CS-akuya.

CS, you’ve got crappy stats.

And lets just skip over to Pewter City. Nothing interesting happens from getting your first Touhou to the first gym. Just like in the real Pokemon games.

Congrats to you if you made it through this and the video.


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