Icy’s Pokemon Journey in Heartgold IIIIII

To many fucking “I”s now :\

After my epic battle with Ronald that left Saffron City a creator, I proceeded south west to Cinnabar Island. However to my surprise, it wasn’t there. So I did the next possible thing when I enter a new town. Go to the Pokemon Center. Yeah I didn’t sleep well and nothing interesting happened while I was at Cinnabar, and my mind is to tired to make anything up right now. So I’ll just write down gibberish as it comes to me while I grind at the Elite Four, waiting for my friend to get off work, so I can bus to his house, and pick up my other 5 Pokemon that I left with him like 4 months ago.

Right now my team consists of Hinoarashi (Typhlosion), Mokoko (Ampharos), Doku-Jiken (Nidoking), and Menchi (Dewgong). HM Slaves include, Hibia (Krabby) and Bastard (Ho-oh). Hinoarashi is the Japanese name for Cyndaquil, while Mokoko is the Japanese name for Flaaffy. Doku-Jiken means “Poison event” or something. and Menchi is the name of the ’emergency food supply’ from Excel Saga. I called my Krabby, Hibia, because my old Fly-slave was a Fearow named Kyuuuu and it just seemed appropriate. Ho-oh is called Bastard because he was a bastard to catch.

Since I’m pretty much done with Pokemon for the next few days I might do another one of these Let’s Play through things, if you can call this one of those. When my copy of Emerald I bought off eBay comes in, I’ll probably do one of these for those. There are no PS3 games I can think of doing this because they’d all require screenshots, and I don’t have the money or equipment for that. I guess I could do one for Touhoumon but I’ve played through that game way to many times. If theres anything you guys want me to do just mention it in the comments section

Ah, before I forget, I haven’t battle the Eighth gym yet because I’m waiting on my Pokemon. I wanna make sure everyone is 60+ and ready to face red so I don’t have to grind in Mt.Silver. Sorta like what happened in my old game of Pokemon Heartgold.

All you guys care about is the image and the slightly funny text at the bottom, right?

Hmm, I don’t think Heartgold was as good as Platinum. Sure its got Kanto and Johto, and everyones favorite original Pokemon, plus the old school awesome characters. But… the game after the Elite Four. Theres just no challenge, its to easy. All the Gym battles I beat so easily. I’d rather they would have made the gyms in the 55-65 range, then give the second round elite four maybe 65-75 level Pokemon, with Red to top it all off at 75-90 level Pokemon. Maybe they wanted to keep it ‘casual’. I wish they would include a hard mode in the Pokemon games, it’s not like it would take a lot of work right? Maybe they fear it could screw up the balance of the player vs player aspects. Although who really gives a crap about that?

Heres a Prize for sticking through my crappy series.


3 Responses

  1. You’re supposed to use a V.

    • If I used the V then id just be like everyone else :P

      I’m special :D

  2. Just wondering… Did you go fight Red yet?

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