Icy’s Pokemon Journey in Heartgold IIIII

After drinking myself into oblivion due to Hinoarashi (Now a Typhlosion) becoming a Typhlosion, I found myself in Saffron City. Looking for a merciful end, I proceeded to the Saffron City Gym. Like Fuchsia City before, I didn’t have any Pokemon with a clear cut type advantage against the Psychic-type. So like always, I decided to kill them with Shadow Claw. However the Pokemon on my team that knows Shadow Claw is… Doku-Jiken (Nidoking) who is extremely week against the Psychic-type. It seems like today was a good day to die (Wah wah waaaaaah).

But before that, Lunch. I am eating burritos. I like to put crushed red peppers and hot sauce on them. But we are out of hot sauce. I am sad. When I eat Burritos, I watch anime. Today, I will watch Mayoi Neko Overune, Episode 12. It was fun. I like episodes where no one is sad at the end. Theres still one more episode to go, and I can’t wait. I wish Mochi would sub the background kanji and what not. It might take a little more work, but it adds a nice visual flare to the episode.

After navigating the maze of teleporters and Gym Trainers I found myself face to face with Sabrina. ‘God, shes hawt’ I thought to myself. Our epic battle then commenced! And it went something like this.

I will defeat you Ronald!! Your kids meal won’t defeat me! Doku-Jiken, Shadow Claw!! Gah! How did you dodge that?! Well take this!!

“So, I heard you like lolis?”


3 Responses

  1. You fail as a weeboo Icy. Tsk tsk…

    • You mean I’m so awesome right?

      • Damnit that actually makes sense…

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