Icy’s Pokemon Journey in Heartgold IIII

This is a “Lets play…” now isn’t it.

Well after my REALLY HOT LESBIAN SEX WITH ERIKA (Fuck Yeah), I ventured to somewhere. Uuuuhhhh… Fuchsia! Yeah, thats the next place. Fuchsia City. I headed East down Cycling Road. If you haven’t played Heartgold or Soulsilver, Cycling road has turned into this well designed bridge that actually looks like a real life bridge, similar to how the original concept designs where. No one really cares though. After the quick 30 second ride, I arrived in Fuchsia City. After arriving in the Fuchsia City Gym, and to my surprised, I found a harem of Janine (Anzu). The only way I was going to be able to get the Fuchsia city badge is if I could have sex with them all. “Gotta fuck ’em all” I yelled, as I charged into the orgy that was Janine.

Fuck yeah I love this game.

Normally I would post a awesome picture of whoever I was talking about to sum up the last few paragraphs. However, there are no awesome or sexy images of Janine on Danbooru. So here’s some more Erika. No one likes Janine anyways.

After defeating all the Gym trainers I then proceed to the last remaining trainer in the gym. This had to be the true Janine! And it was! (Dun dun duh!) I didn’t have any Pokemon that had a clear cut advantage against her poison Pokemon, so had to beat them down into submission… with Fire. “KILL THEM WITH FIRE” I shouted, as our battle began.

Hinoarashi (Quilava) VS CROBAT (Crobat). Flamethrower. CROBAT fainted.
Hinoarashi (Quilava) VS WEEZING (Weezing). Flamethrower. WEEZING fainted.
Hinoarashi (Quilava) VS VENOMOTH (Venomoth). Flamethrower. VENOMOTH fainted.
Hinoarashi (Quilava) VS ARIADOS (Ariados). Flamethrower. ARIADOS fainted.
Hinoarashi (Quilava) VS ARIADOS (Ariados). Flamethrower. ARIADOS fainted.
This is really how the battle turned out.

Jasmine then awarded me with the Fuchsia City, Soul Badge, and a TM. After the battle Hinoarashi evolved into a Typhlosion! “FUCK, I FORGOT TO HIT B!” I shouted. No one likes Typhlosion, it’s the ugliest looking third-form of the Fire starters. It loses it’s awesome Fire tail for a normal stubby looking shit tail. And it gets fat! It’s like Quilava just let itself go! No one likes Typhlosion so heres a picture of Kotone.

“… … … …” Pokemon Trainer Kotone would like to battle!


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