Icy’s Pokemon Journey in Heartgold III

I continued my journey from Cerulean City southbound, towards Vermilion City. Taking a small detour along the way I took the underground pathway. In here a man told me about ‘bad people’. He then noticed the ‘RageCandyBar’ I had forgot about which was tucked away deep inside of my bag under by bicycle. I gave it to him and he awarded me with a TM. He then proceeded to make ticking noises and exploded.

Soon I arrived in Vermilion City, where after a short rest at the Pokemon Center, I went straight to the Vermilion City Gym. There I was confronted by a series of mind breaking puzzles, however with my superior intellect, I outmaneuvered them, defeated the Gym trainers and finally stood before Lt. Surge, the Lightning American. I proceed to crush him with my Doku-Jiken (Nidoking) and its ground based attacks. Dear god this is getting dull. He then award me with the Vermilion City, Thunder Badge (creative) and some useless TM. After I left the gym, I heard a gunshot. It seems Lt.Surge had commited suicide.

Lt. Surge, the Lighting American, 1996 – 2010.

Heading North from Vermilion City I went north west towards Celadon City. Here, I healed my Pokemon, checked out the local shops, and then proceeded to the gym where I was greeted by a elderly man who was staring into the gym. He laughed as he told me why this gym was so great, due to it’s strong trainers.

After nagvigating the maze of plants and displacing the gym trainers, I challenged Erika. After defeating her in a lackluster battle where I proceeded to light the gym on fire with Hinoarashi (Quilava) she awarded me with the Celadon City, Rainbow Badge and a TM. That was not enough for me however. Still high from combat I pushed Erika down to the ground. The heat was getting to me. I began to lick at the crevasses of her body. Her moans filled me with a even more intense heat. I then stuck my… uhh… yeah, we had sex. Moving on.

If you haven’t already figured it out. Icy thinks Erika is HAWT, and wants to DO HER REALLY REALLY BADLY.


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