Icy’s Pokemon Journey in Heartgold II

This time I traveled to Kanto. After facing several of its trainers and solving the mystery of the stole part at the Power Plant, I decided to head to Pewter City where I met Brock. There are to many jokes about this man’s rock hard Pokemon. Though his defense is as hard as rock and his offensive is just as tough, me and my Pokemon were able to break his stone cold defense. After defeating Brock, he awarded me with the Pewter City, Boulder Badge as well as a TM.

Brock; The Rock-Solid Pokemon Trainer.

Continuing from Pewter City, I made my way through Mt.Moon. Unexpectedly though, my Rival, Shine (Silver) appeared. After accusing me of being just a show off, he challenged me to a battle. However, I easily defeated him with my superior team of, Menchi (Dewgong), Hinoarashi (Quilava), Doku-Jiken (Nidoking), and Mokoko (Flaaffy). After the battle however, Mokoko evolved into a Ampharos! I didn’t think it could get anymore cuter, but it did. Now only if I could stop it from grabbing onto other Pokemon during battles and using Discharge to instantly kill them. Oh well~

The much more awesome and older design for Silver.

Finally after leaving Mt.Moon and proceeding downhill to Cerulean City, then healing at the Pokemon Center, I entered the Cerulean City Gym. However Misty was not there. Using my acute detective abilities I proceeded to follow the trail of her failed relationships until I found her on a date at Cerulean Cove. Instead of waiting silently for her date to finish, I charged streight in there, accused her of having STDs and then beat the crap out of her date until he ran home crying. Misty then accepted my challenge to a gym battle. There Mokoko (Now a Ampharos) proved itself by slaughtering all of Misty’s Pokemon. Even her Quagsire was no match for the amazing powers of Mokoko. After her defeat, she awarded me with a TM and the Cerulean City, Cascade Badge.

“I’ve been waiting all this time for you… Don’t bore me okay?”


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