Icy’s Pokemon Journey in Heartgold I

Today I beat the Elite Four. They were easy. However Lance is really cheap with his Dragonites and Aerodactyl that can hit flying Pokemon with Rock Slide. I’m sure they rigged the match to add some more ‘challenge’ to the game. After slowly killing his haxor Pokemon I had to switch between Dewgong (called Menshi) and Ho-oh (called Bastard) to stay in the game. After using up my revives and potions Lance’s stupid Dragonite confused itself. I switched back to Menshi and used Ice Beam and 1-hit K.O’ed him. I haven’t been so relieved after a battle in a long time. Next time I’ll make sure my Pokemon are stronger and ready to take the Elite Four challenge again!

No one really likes Lance, hes no where as cool as any of the other male characters in Pokemon.


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