Go to sleep Steelgolem

Stop checking my site when you should be asleep. Your scaring away all the less weeaboo creep-o’s that visit my blog.

When I was younger I fell asleep in the fridge, it was nice a cool~


11 Responses

  1. i think i could fit one cirno in my beer fridge

  2. but where would i put my beer?

  3. in the end, i have to make a decision

  4. i will buy sake and keep a cirno in the fridge

  5. my fridge smells like green onions

  6. CANADIAN green onions

  7. they go well with Steak

  8. when was the last time /me eats Steak

  9. why is it so tired in here

  10. icy-nee your pillows look so comfy, i will lay down on them for a bit

  11. so soft~

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