Sex, Ass, and Weeaboo

Apparently sex and ass are two things people like to read about. So in a move to double our unique visitors, I have decided to write a article about sex and ass. I find this rather difficult as I have not had sex or touched a ass. Therefore, like most of my articles. I shall leave a cleaver picture for you all that summarizes my feelings on sex and ass.

Gotta love Mecha Fetus stuff.

Since I don’t know anything else about sex other then ‘penis goes in, penis goes out’, ‘do it yourself’, and ‘its only gay if the balls touch’, heres what some more experianced people have to say. For legal purposes I shall censor out there names.

#SankakuComplex @ Rizon
[%syca****] It is a heinous act
[%syca****] do you want STDs from a filthy whore?
[%syca****] no
[%syca****] no you do not

Since no one else wanted to answer my question, here is another picture to distract you from the real problems I, this blog, and you face, you filthy weeaboo.

Explosions are also fairly interesting topics as well.

Since I’m unable to feel up anyone’s ass right now, I shall feel up my own. It feels rather large. It is soft. I enjoy this feeling. It makes me want to stick my legs above my head. This is the extent of feeling my own ass, so heres more comments on ass from veterans.

#SankakuComplex @ Rizon
[%sycamore] Icy
[%sycamore] what the feck are you writing about
[%Keirnoth] there’s many asses Icy-nee-san
[%sycamore] Also
[%Keirnoth] there’s artefact, blackg —
[%sycamore] hey ^^flandre^^
[%Keirnoth] OH, you mean butts.

I hope you enjoyed my little article on sex and ass, and I hope you shall visit my blog again. Thank you, sex and ass veterans, for your knowledgeable view on the world of sex and ass. Thank you, WordPress, for not taking down my blog. And thank you, readers, even though your all filthy weeaboo who I hope I never meet in real life, let alone chat to online.

Surprisingly, I did not find this erotic. Although it is still rather funny.


2 Responses

  1. Post your pic Icy~

  2. “…you’re all*…”

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