Company of Heroes Online Beta; First Glimpse

Just had my first session with the game, and I must say its just as awesome as the original Company of Heroes except for one little detail that will make everyone rage.

The Voice acting in the new tutorial reward missions.

Dear god the voice acting. I’ve never heard something so bad. So poorly done. Hell I could have done better. It makes me want to go out and kill the voice actors. *Ahem* Let me rephrase this all. In Company of Heroes there were cinematic scenes and dialog from other officers throughout the single player experience. This returns in Company of Heroes Online’s new mode, ‘Training missions’ which provides supplies and XP to your virtual commander.

The voice acting for the training missions (as well as the tutorial the game feeds you while your not blasting away ‘Amarikana’) is so bad, it makes the voice acting for every badly voiced english dubbed anime (except maybe Clannad) look like PURE GOLD. I can’t stress enough how unemotional, static, and overall terrible this one man voicing sounded like. What he saids isn’t even the same as whats written on screen! I don’t mean its not word for word. Complete sentences are completely different then what hes saying!

But you know, other then the voice acting, everything is awesome. I’d much rather play this then Starcraft 2 anyways.

This is more or less what my Fallout 3 Character looked like.


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